Lytro is Here!

My Lytro camera arrived yesterday night and I began to get a feel for it tonight. It is definitely an interesting camera. Nothing like anything I have shot before.

The Lytro camera is not your regular camera. You need to think of it as something new and different. If you shoot the same shots you would with your normal camera you will not be satisfied. If you look at the Lytro as a regular camera you will be disappointed. The resolution is only 1 megapixel and the tiny screen is only good for a quick check and not for pixel peeping.

However, those things are only important in normal cameras. The Lytro thrives on its light field technology. The camera is designed to take interesting pictures that aren't ever going to leave the computer. Photos shot with the Lytro have a unique energy to them because of the refocusing.

My Favorite Shots

In my short experience I find the shots that I like best are either very close macros, which allow for refocusing all over the object, and shots were there are multiple objects at different distances.


The macros are fun because you get to take a normal macro and change the composition by shifting the focus around. Because of this I am finding myself wanting to find more macro shots to take.

Porcelain flamingo.

Dolphins jumping in a wooden sea.


The shots with multiple objects are nice because you can tell a story in a different way than with a normal camera. You can start with a primary object in focus and then allow the viewer to switch the focus and see the other object(s) in the image which builts a story and can even change the mood of the photograph.

Salt, Pepper & Vinegar.

Love is a wild thing.


Secret Project

Over the holidays I have come up with a new project. I am going to keep it secret for now, but may hint give some hints later. Things are just in the outlining phase right now.

More updates to come.

DNS Update

After a few support emails I finally got my registrar and my host, Hover and Squarespace respectively, to talk and now the URL update appropriately. I also have put up a number of photo galleries of my HDR work. More updates coming as I figure out how to get them done.


Hello, thank you for visiting my website. Expect many changes in the coming weeks as I work to improve the site by adding content and tweeking the style to be more usable and appealing. I am still learning how to leverage the Squarespace system so bear with me if updates are few and far between.

Cheers, Jack